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Il appartient au gouvernement israélien de prendre toutes les mesures pour protéger sa population face aux menaces (1) ». C’est par ces mots que le président socialiste François Hollande annonce son soutien au gouvernement israélien trois jours après le début de l’attaque militaire contre Gaza qui a déjà fait alors 64 morts…

Beaucoup ont été à juste titre scandalisés, d’autres également nombreux ont été naïvement surpris. Une simple lecture de l’histoire du socialisme français suffit pourtant à saisir que la continuité idéologique du parti socialiste est sans faille sur cette question : le soutien au sionisme aujourd’hui plonge ses racines dans le colonialisme qui a marqué toute l’histoire du socialisme français. Pour illustrer ce propos, analysons l’approche du colonialisme des trois principales figures théoriques du socialisme français (2).

Sur les fonts baptismaux jaurésiens

Le parti socialiste a choisi l’année 2005 pour fêter son centenaire c’est-à-dire qu’il prend comme point de départ…

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Originally posted on Starship Earth: The Big Picture:

We are able to see the architecture – the structural patterns – of each kind of mind-control regime. This can help us recognize precursors – signs that such a future is coming our way.

by Richard K. Moore

contributed by the author

Dystopian predictions

1984webIn 1984, George Orwell paints a picture of a dark, gray world. People are afraid to say anything contrary to the official party line, and surveillance is universal. Even thinking contrary to the party is a crime, and thoughtcrimes may be treated by radical psychological intervention. Information is closely controlled by the party media, and the historical record is routinely edited, so as to conform to the latest party statements.

By contrast, in Brave New World, Aldous Huxley paints a colorful, superficially pleasant world. Personal freedom of all kinds is encouraged, even to the point of being a cultural imperative. In the book a…

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Originally posted on Starship Earth: The Big Picture:

Ebola-torn Sierra Leone announced today that it has approved nutrient Nano Silver 10 PPM as an Ebola therapy based on the positive results seen when it defied strong international pressure, testing nutrient Nano Silver 10 PPM in Ebola patients over the past three weeks.

Newton, NJ (PRWEB) October 21, 2014

Nano Silver 10 PPM has been officially approved as a therapy against the deadly Ebola virus by Honourable Alhaji Alpha Kanu, Sierra Leone’s Minister of Presidential and Public Affairs. Minister Kanu announced today that based on clinical results in the Ebola-torn areas of Port Loko and elsewhere, nutrient Nano Silver 10 PPM has been declared an official approved therapy in the Ebola crisis. No other treatment currently exists for Ebola victims.

Ebola, the viral disease which has killed at least 4,400 people in West Africa, has made its entrance into the United States (1 known death) and the EU (3…

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Originally posted on Tales from the Conspiratum:

Don’t Let These Biologist’s Deaths Go Ignored |Natural Cures Not Medicine.

The world’s top anti-virus microbiologists are being killed off. By 2005, 40 were dead. Today, over 100. Many murdered, the rest died under very suspicious circumstances. It is known they were all working on highly sensitive or government-funded research projects tied to bio-weapons and viral pandemics.

Are these silenced ‘whistleblowers’ who knew too much?

Why isn’t the mainstream media reporting any of this?

killed scientists

Died 2006

#80: Lee Jong-woo, age 61. Died: May 22, 2006 after suffering a blood clot on the brain. Lee was spearheading the organization’s fight against global threats from bird flu, AIDS and other infectious diseases. WHO director-general since 2003, Lee was his country’s top international official. The affable South Korean, who liked to lighten his press conferences with jokes, was a keen sportsman with no history of ill-health, according to officials.

Died 2005

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Silent Weapons for Quiet Wars, An Introduction Programming Manual was uncovered quite by accident on July 7, 1986 when an employee of Boeing Aircraft Co. purchased a surplus IBM copier for scrap parts at a sale, and discovered inside details of a plan, hatched in the embryonic days of the “Cold War” which called for control of the masses through manipulation of industry, peoples’ pastimes, education and political leanings

via Silent Weapons for Quiet Wars On American People: Secret Document Found In Auctioned Copier.

Originally posted on 2012: What's the 'real' truth?:

Because of the importance of this article — particularly at this time as there is an attempt to create a false flag through fear of an ebola epidemic, I fear it will disappear completely from the internet; therefore I hope the author will forgive me because I have chosen to reprint it in entirety here. ~J

by T H Reeme
Source: yupfarmingblogspot
October 17, 2010
Thanks to A. 

For more than 75 years, a remarkable thing has been occurring in medicine – rapid and full cures of disease after disease by a single treatment. This major revolution in medical thought should have been heralded as the most wonderful possible news – other than world peace – in mankind’s history. For we are now at the dawn of a moment in medical science that is so immense in its implications it has never even be fantasized – this astounding renaissance in…

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Khazars Re-invade Ukraine.


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