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Originally posted on NWO Observer:

By Michael Snyder | The Economic Collapse - September 15th, 2013

As we approach the 100 year anniversary of the creation of the Federal Reserve, it is absolutely imperative that we get the American people to understand that the Fed is at the very heart of our economic problems.  It is a system of money that was created by the bankers and that operates for the benefit of the bankers.  The American people like to think that we have a "democratic system", but there is nothing "democratic" about the Federal Reserve.  Unelected, unaccountable central planners from a private central bank run our financial system and manage our economy.  There is a reason why financial markets respond with a yawn when Barack Obama says something about the economy, but they swing wildly whenever Federal Reserve Chairman Ben Bernanke opens his mouth.  The Federal Reserve has far more power over the U.S. economy…

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Originally posted on NWO Observer:

By Jamie Wendland

31. March.2014 -

"When I was a child, I thought as a child," is an old proverb which at one time was also the philosophy society lived by when rearing children.  This was the golden rule practiced by parents, schools and child development experts in understanding that the childlike behavior of children was an intrinsic fact of life; they are not adults. They were not expected to think like adults, behave like adults nor exhibit rational, acceptable adult social skills, maturity or conduct-they were children and so they were allowed to think and behave like them.

That has all changed over the past thirty years, change accelerated at an alarming rate as we entered the twenty first century. It has become almost universally accepted by parents, schools, child psychologists and even law enforcement that children are, in fact, simply miniature adults and we demand of them…

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Originally posted on NWO Observer:

The world is governed by far different personages from what is imagined by those who are not behind the scenes. – Benjamin Disraeli, nineteenth century British prime minister, in a speech to Parliament

by Michael Howard - New Dawn MagazineApril 7, 2010

On 1 May 1776, the year of the beginning of the American revolution against British colonial rule, a young university professor, Adam Weishaupt (1748–1830), from Bavaria, founded the Order of Perfectibilists, later to become world famous as the Illuminati or ‘Enlightened Ones’.

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Tick-Tock! FEMA Camps Here: The Question You Need To Ask Is NOT If They Exist, But What Is Their Purpose…..

Originally posted on 2012 The Big Picture:

As the Truth leaks out about pretty much everything in history, we will see that very little occurred without manipulation and tampering on the part of the dark cabal.

However, the more we draw out the lies and deceit and replace them with Truth, the soul will heal—and there is MUCH healing to be done.

Thank you Richard for this reminder of another major crime on the part of the Illuminati. Perhaps this was the first insurance scam in the playbook—similar to one aspect of 9/11 that many people never dreamed would be perpetrated on such a scale. Duped again. 

No doubt, this is an interesting tale of  what turned out to be an epic murder covered up by a thick blanket of lies and buried at the bottom of a cold, dark sea.  ~ BP

Apart from being the 90th birthday of Sir Neville Marriner, today (April…

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Man-Made AIDS & The Scientific Cover-Up.

FDA opening ‘the barn door’ to human cloning?.

Originally posted on GLOBAL RELAY NETWORK:

88220149_pPar Jean Meunier, le 10 juillet 2013

La vérité n’est pas toujours agréable, mais dans chaque cas elle nous rend libres.
Dans le cas, présent, la vérité nous libère de la peur.

La fausse épidémie de SIDA dans les années 80 a déclenché une peur mondiale, la peur d’avoir tout contact physique avec des personnes inconnues, mais aussi avec les plus proches.
Souvenez-vous de ce qu’on nous disait? Quand tu fais l’amour, tu ne le fais pas seulement avec cette personne, mais avec toutes celles avec qui cette personne a eu des rapports physiques.

C’était le vrai but de cette "épidémie".
Le but était de nous faire vivre dans la peur. (En dehors de gagner de l’argent, conséquence secondaire de la peur).

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Originally posted on Brain-Computer:

brain globeScientists Successfully Implant Chip That Controls The BrainAllowingThoughts, Memory And Behavior To Be Transferred From One Brain ToAnother BrainBrain mind uploading

In a scene right out of a George Orwell novel, a team of scientists working in the fields of “neural engineering” and “Biomimetic MicroElectronic Systems” have successfully created a chip that controls the brain and can be used as a storage device for long-term memories. In studies the scientists have been able to record, download and transfer memories into other hosts with the same chip implanted. The advancement in technology brings the world one step closer to a global police state and the reality of absolute mind control.

brain eye neuron nano More terrifying is the potential for implementation of what was only a science fiction fantasy – the “Thought Police” – where the government reads people’s memories and thoughts and then rehabilitate them through torture before they ever even commit a…

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