Illuminati Control More Pervasive than We Think

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If John Coleman is right, we can’t trust anything emanating from the mass media or government. 

« The moral, spiritual, racial, economic, cultural and intellectual bankruptcy we are in the midst of today is not some social phenomenon…that just happened. Rather it is the product of a carefully planned Tavistock program, » Coleman writes.

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Self-destruction of science: Most findings are wrong or useless


Source: Self-destruction of science: Most findings are wrong or useless — Science & Technology —

« Science, the pride of modernity, our one source of objective knowledge, is in deep trouble. » So begins « Saving Science, » an incisive and deeply disturbing essay by Daniel Sarewitz at The New Atlantis. As evidence, Sarewitz, a professor at Arizona State University’s School for Future Innovation and Society, points to reams of mistaken or simply useless research findings that have been generated over the past decades.

Sarewitz cites several examples of bad science that I reported in my February article « Broken Science. » These include a major biotech company’s finding in 2012 that only six out of 53 landmark published preclinical cancer studies could be replicated. Researchers at a leading pharmaceutical company reported that they could not replicate 43 of the 67…

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Sex, Drugs and TV Programming


They don’t call it “programming” for nuthin’ folks…

Source: Sex, Drugs and TV Programming | Farm Wars

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Farm Wars

Barbara H. Peterson

Aug 24, 2016

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I control your every thought. Your daily routine revolves around me. You can’t wait to get home and see what I have to offer. At night when you are away you wonder what I am doing, and how you can be with me. You are so easy to control. All I have to do is entice you with a bit of flash and you are right there to do my bidding. When you shop, you buy what I tell you to buy. When you drink, you drink what I tell you to drink. When you drive, you drive what I tell you to drive. You have no real thoughts of your own that I have not somehow influenced. You…

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We Know Who Owns Britain


Come on UK, reclaim what is yours, get rid of the parasites that are enslaving you right back to medieval times. Grab the pitch forks and march in protest and anger! (Use the pitch forks only for show; no violence is needed; just stop electing the parasites into power). Or have you turned imbecilic like the American population? What the heck is wrong with you?  You keep electing these parasites and the result is what you deserve.

Serfdom then, serfdom now.

Source: We Know Who Owns Britain

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