We Know Who Owns Britain


Come on UK, reclaim what is yours, get rid of the parasites that are enslaving you right back to medieval times. Grab the pitch forks and march in protest and anger! (Use the pitch forks only for show; no violence is needed; just stop electing the parasites into power). Or have you turned imbecilic like the American population? What the heck is wrong with you?  You keep electing these parasites and the result is what you deserve.

Serfdom then, serfdom now.

Source: We Know Who Owns Britain

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Rise of a New World Order [PART III] – Depopulation & Agenda 21

Lissa's Humane Life

SuspectSky by SuspectSky

New World Order: a conspiracy by the richest and most powerful people on the Earth, which control the government/corporatracy and the Big Banks (collectively known as « the Super Entity ») to seize global control as the elite ruling class.

Beginning with 9/11, the powers that be orchestrated a horrific terrorist attack which provided the justification to declare war, pass the patriot act, and create the survelliance state.

Then, the surplus war material flows to domestic law enforcement so as to quell rebellion and dissent as the Super Entity collapses the world economy and redeploys financial resources from the people to itself through massive bailouts that our leaders passed against the people’s wishes. This bankrupts entire communities, steals their savings, and forces the population to focus on their next meal or finding their next job, instead of the tyranny unfolding all around them. As the housing market is consumed by…

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Assassination is the murder of a person, often (but not always) or ruler, usually for political reasons or paymen. Or the common man.

European Coalition Against Covert Harassment

Assassination is the murder of a person, often (but not always) or ruler, usually for political reasons or paymen. Or the common man.

brain control

An assassination may be prompted by, political, or military motives; it is an act that may be done for financial gain, to avenge a grievance, from a desire to acquire fame or notoriety, or because of a military, security or insurgent group’s command to carry out the homicide.

The World Coalition against Covert Harassment is committed to raising awareness to the legal systems as well as to the medical and scientific community to the crime of illegal biomedical and weaponry research committed on citizens in the European Union and beyond. As a European network, EUCACH acts as a lobbying and advocacy platform towards the EU. Using our international network of scientific and technology experts, partner civil and human rights organisations as well as important stakeholders in civil…

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