Doctor Warns – 80% of Medical Studies are Advertisements for Big Pharma

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A new report suggests that more than 80% of these studies are funded by corporations.

Source: Doctor Warns – 80% of Medical Studies are Advertisements for Big Pharma : Waking Times

Christina Sarich, Staff Writer
October 14, 2016


In 2015 the editor of the Lancet study admitted that pharmaceutical marketing is supported by deceitful research. Now, a new report issued by a distinguished doctor provides more insight into how drug companies manipulate scientific research in order to advance corporate interests in the realms of health and medicine.

A meta-analysis is an overarching view of several previously conducted scientific studies which measures both qualitative and quantitative evidence to come to a conclusion about a premise proposed by a scientist – except when that study is paid for by the very companies whom conduct the ‘analysis’ in order to sway data in their interests.

Though the tool of…

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UNESCO: Old Jerusalem city is not Jewish

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UNESCO: Old Jerusalem city is not Jewish

dome_of_rock_temple_mount_jerusalem1On Thursday, the executive board of the United Nations cultural agency during a meeting in Paris passed a resolution declaring that the old city of Jerusalem has nothing to do with the Jews. The voting was 24 in favor and 6 against, with 26 countries abstaining.

Earlier in April 2016, UNESCO accepted the historical fact that the so-called Western Wall (Wailing Wall) had nothing to do with the Jewish religion. The Western Wall is proven to be remains of an old Roman fortress wrongfully adopted as a religious structure by the Organized Jewry. The same applies to the Al-Aqsa Mosque complex which the mostly atheist Zionist Jews claim to be as their holy Temple Mount (King Solomon’s temple).

The Zionist regime, Washington and the Organized Jewry have condemned UNESCO decision calling it one-sided.

Zionist entity prime minister Benjamin Netanyahu, a serial liar, said in a statement:…

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Le Judaïsme totalitaire sert de modèle au Nouvel Ordre Mondial

Henry Makow

I-Grande-11577-histoire-juive-religion-juive-le-poids-de-trois-millenaires.netD’où provient le désir de dominer et d’exploiter les autres ? L’ouvrage Histoire Juive, Religion Juive : le poids de trois millénaires fournit la réponse.

« Certains l’appelle Communisme, moi je le désigne comme ce dont il s’agit : du Judaïsme. » Le rabbin Stephen Weiss.

« L’anticommunisme est de l’antisémitisme. » Jewish Voice, Juillet-Août 1941.

Nous avons récemment appris que la NSA surveillait nos échanges et nos moindres déplacements.

La sécurité n’est qu’un prétexte car la plupart des actes terroristes sont perpétrés par l’État.

D’où provient ce besoin d’espionner et de dominer les autres ?

Le livre d’Israël Shahak, Histoire Juive, Religion Juive (1986) fournit la réponse. Depuis le IIème siècle jusqu’aux alentours du XVIIIème, les Juifs étaient sous la botte de leurs rabbins et de leurs dirigeants richissimes. Ils constituaient une « société en vase clos… une des sociétés les plus totalitaire de toute l’histoire de l’humanité. » (14-15)

Tel est le modèle sur lequel repose le Nouvel…

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What If I Told You That « Jews » Helped Murder Jews in Nazi Germany?

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The notes below are based on the work of Barry Chamish who has his own blog at . He introduced me to an independent film entitled « Clear And Present Evil. » That DVD shows the history of the Jesuits’ political infiltration into world politics, including the assassination of most of the Presidents of the United States, if not all of them, and the role being played today by the Vatican in all areas of life. That history is directly linked to my « Water Into Wine » series here in this blog. I began that series as a way of picking a starting point in history at the death of Christ to show how a series of events has been moving forward by an uninterrupted cabal of power-hungry men to bring the population of Earth to the point of its own self-destruction today.

As it is working out, my research has taken…

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The Federal Reserve Cartel: The Roundtable and the Illuminati

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Source: The Federal Reserve Cartel: The Roundtable and the Illuminati | Humans Are Free

With permission of

Sept 20, 2016

According to former British intelligence agent John Coleman’s book, The Committee of 300, the Rothschilds exert political control through the secretive Business Roundtable, which they created in 1909 with the help of Lord Alfred Milner and South African industrialist Cecil Rhodes.

The Rhodes Scholarship is granted by Cambridge University, out of which oil industry propagandist Cambridge Energy Research Associates operates.

Rhodes founded De Beers and Standard Chartered Bank. According to Gary Allen’s expose, The Rockefeller File, Milner financed the Russian Bolsheviks on Rothschild’s behalf, with help from Jacob Schiff and Max Warburg.

In 1917 British Foreign Secretary Arthur Balfour penned a letter to Zionist Second Lord Lionel Walter Rothschild in which he expressed support for a Jewish homeland on Palestinian-controlled lands in the Middle East. [1]

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Can we really say that giving money to people begging makes their problems worse?

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Image result for povertyNottingham City Council are in trouble over a series of anti-begging posters – it’s important to know if their claims stack up.

Source: Can we really say that giving money to people begging makes their problems worse?

Oct 6, 2016

A council in England was recently reprimanded for running an advertising campaign against begging. In a series of posters displayed throughout Nottingham, the city council claimed that “beggars aren’t what they seem”, that begging “funds the misuse of drugs” and that money given to beggars would go “down the drain” or “up in smoke”.

The UK Advertising Standard Authority (ASA) upheld complaints about Nottingham City Council’s campaign, saying that it reinforced negative stereotypes against vulnerable people, and portrayed all beggars as “disingenuous and undeserving” people who would use direct donations irresponsibly. The council was ordered not to display the ads in their current form again, and to avoid using…

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