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Conspiracy Intro

Not everything is a conspiracy, but let’s face it: those who strive for power are also those most likely to abuse it. The correct use of power requires integrity and wisdom, virtues human nature doesn’t come with by default; they are acquired virtues and thus quite rare. It follows that due to this rarity, of those who gain power the majority will lack the integrity and wisdom to use it correctly. And so conspiracies arise, for conspiracies are nothing more than underhanded schemes of self-serving individuals bent on gaining and maintaining power.

This basic observation has held true for thousands of years, and being that power-hungry individuals are also ruthlessly intelligent and persevering, enough time has passed for the establishment of gargantuan conspiracies designed to eventually give these madmen ultimate power over mankind. This madness is not limited to human psychopaths, but extends to nonhuman ones…

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