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Did Richard Goldstone hide more sinister crimes in Gaza? Part 2

Part 2 – DIME and Weapons Containing Uranium 


 Two  DU Bombs igniting and two more on the way in

For those observant reader you will not the sea conditions in the background indicate a strong sea breeze which means the photographer who took this photograph from within Israel would have succumbed to the down wind fallout…….this clearly shows that the IDF was in actual fact also nuking their own population as million of radioactive nano particles drifted over central and southern Israel.

Again we see a classic example of a UN investigation that only plays with the periphery of War Crimes committed by Israel whilst at the same time ignoring the more important horrific crimes carried out by the IDF. Goldstone brushed aside the use of White Phosphorus and Flechette weapons and only touched briefly on DIME weapons. He totally ignored…

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