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The New World Order is now in panic mode as its financial infrastructure is cut off!!

Part 4 – Gun Control- Disarm the public – Private Sector Security such as G4S to replace police


Does anyone know the connection between the Port Arthur Massacre, Tasmania, Australia and Sandy Snook, USA?

Port Arthur

Port Arthur


Sandy Nook

Anyone carried out an analysis of the Norwegian Massacre and the reasons behind it and is there a connection?


Norwegian Massacre

Four words describes the connection – Zionists – Israel – Mossad – NWO


Many of you may not be aware of the Port Arthur Massacre in Tasmania, Australia (the results of which created a sort of  gun control) and many may not understand that what happened that day led to many questions being asked which remain unanswered to this day.

One could certainly draw comparisons between Port Arthur and Sandy Nook in that the outcome…

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