Terrorized by “Terror” » Counterpunch: Tells the Facts, Names the Names


Terrorized by “Terror” » Counterpunch: Tells the Facts, Names the Names.


2 réflexions sur “Terrorized by “Terror” » Counterpunch: Tells the Facts, Names the Names

  1. Worlds Citizens of Addressings GLOBE POPULATION LIFE HEALTH GROWTHS FREEDOMS with NEXT GENERATION and International Society Rights Awarenesses. « Hong Kong Justice And Microwave Beam Radiation » VERY EXTRAORDINARY PHENOMENON and ALL COMPASS IN HK DISORIENTED in Urgent Appeal and Petition to UN/WHO on ‘Google/Yahoo’. It is confirmed HKSARGovt in Perpetuals Exerciisngs in of the NEUROSCIENCES Radiating Techno-logies AIRBORNE Toxics ‘BIO-NEURAL-EFFECTS'(US Patent: 4877027; 5800481; 6011991; 6167304; 6488617; …..)via giant Microwave Antenna array and of X-HI Radiation dispersings in Atmosphere with HK Observatory recorded lowest 1,300 mSv/Hr(65 Folds Over the Radiation Absorbtion Limit for Human per year)coupling satellite violent intrusions of Privacy of population, of extensive perpetuatings barrage of Atrocious Acts of Law Enforcement in anywhere effectings DEEP LIVELIHOODS, SAFETY and HEALTH of complete population in HK AND the NEUROTransmittings Effects of anywhere from HK effectings regions in Pan Asia Pacific and far to Europes and N.America. The proof of HK materials Research unraveled(Apr.04,2013)ALL CHILDREN born in HK does SELF-ADMINISTRATING Abilities essential DECREASINGS(Neuro-Disorders), other Research(Apr.11,2013)indicated HK CHILDREN in extra High Trend of NARCISSIT(Self Loving Psycho), Eye-Health-Sight damagings of small children in HK(« Ultrastructural Changes in Rabbit Lens Induced by Microwave Radiation »), INEQUALITIES-BIRTH-DEFECTS risings, Suicidal deposits to young child and youngs(in consistents to HKGovt Panel Research May,28.13 HK Children in High Suicidal Trends with youngest at 9 Yr), the emergings of Skeletal and Developing Irregularities of Children(Inter-Neural-Physio malpractisings), the HK News Report(Apr.11,2013)reasserted HK YOUNGS Ages acquired Brain Diseases PARKINSONS in High Risings(Neuro-Brain Degeneratives Diseases), and( on May,15,2013)Affirmed 50% Increasings of BREAST CANCER in HK Women, Yet Forthcomings professionals Hospital erroneous(May,22,2013)Surgeon Doctors unwittings COGNITIVE impairings with Wrong Heart Blood Type TRANSPLAN-TED, and(on May,28,2013)Nurses susceptibilities to EMR Hypersensitivities in diconnectings Oxygen Devices causings patient Collopsed, PREMATURE AGING syndromes of HEALTHY Adults and Mental-BRAIN HEALTH morbidity(High Rate of Skilled Marathon Games Runner and Tranied Pilots/Drivers in Fatique/Faints/Deaths, IN with of ceaseleess Qualitative denote Covert-Electro-Stimulus in of the indubitable concertings of Social DISCONTENTINGS and RESENTMENTS of individuals and poopulations, in with the consistents high growings Bellicose Groups of the ANTI-Social/Govt. Rhetorics of in the showings worlds News daily. (« Environmental and Public Health Safeties Sciences »/ »Public Health Sciences »). REALIZINGS the NEUROTe-chnologies irradiations toxicity Potent Effects in have the Humans BIO-PHYSIO-GENETICS Health functionals depletings ( « Neurological Effects of Radiofrequency Electromagnetic Radiation »), and the Lesionings of Immunological Reactivities, proteins Sugars enzymes Interpretations Denutrients, the sciences proof Humans DNA damages of its profound Repairing Functions and Gens mediatings-translations in Health Reproductivitiy(« Biological Effects of Narrow Band Pulsed Electric Fields »), and of ENDURE Surging power resonances biomagnetetric pulses-trains irritations of Bio-Celluous dynamics impairments and Structure-Growths anomalies of CANCER Incidences(« High Energy EMF Effects on Cancer, Melatonin and Tamosiffen »), and of continuity of the modulated stimuli-impulses-trains frequen-cies in of VITAL direct Intrusive Stimulatings of Humans Brain of NEUROLOGICAL Disruptive PSYCHIC-PSYCHO Mental Health(« Microwave Bioeffect Congruence with Schizophrenia »)of which BLIND can SEE(Images projectings direct on to Occipital Cortexes), DEAF can HEAR(mimic sounds speeches transmittings in to Hearing Zone of Brain Diseases), Brain EEGs and morphologies, Neural-Physiology disarrays, memories functionings, and of non bio-physio functional bindings mechanism of BRAIN, of producing ineterferences, and of the rapids growings Psychiatric-Psycho MENTAL-SICKS diagnosis with Youns Ages among common populations, with to of irreparable Involuntary Suicides deposits to seniors Adults, and of HORRIFIC HighCrime IN-AC-Cidents, equipped with Dreams Manipulation functionings at night, and 24HRs Hallucinations Phenomenon. ENticings MENTAL STATES SETS Discords Irregularities of individuals to in populations. (« High Power Direct Energy EMF Weapons, Effects »). ENSURED Deleterious Effects towards PREGNANCY-FETAL development with of Embryonic Stem Cells, and Motehrings(« World Health Organization(WHO)Pandemic Phases »), in High Influences of Abortions and Fetal-Complications, and of FAULTIES-GROWTHS, with later-on developings, INFANTS and CHILDREN Adolescences of the developing HEALTH, Blood-Hormones and Melatonin and of essential IMMUNOs, optholmology, skeletal and organs-tissues-celluous, and of the 40% HIGHER Absorbtion and ‘Cumulative’ of ionizings Radiation in biofields, the MENTAL BRAIN, and of long living Expectancy, have prone to Cancerous ILLnesses and developments OBSCURITIES as Physiology and Behavirouls Disorders so on(« The Sensitivity of Children to EM Fields »/ »Is Social Anxiety Disorders in Childhood associated with developmental deficit/delay »). AGED of the depletings Biofunction, NEUROHealth Accelerated Degeneratives and IMPAIRED Brain Blood-Flow with Extensive OXIDATIONS, of High Increases BRAIN DISEASES with early Ages TRACKING in ALZHEIMER and DEMENTIA Mortalities, SICKED & DISABLES of Bio-Physio Negative, the equality, and of CO-Morbidities, and in the ABSOLUTE Deprivings of RIGHT to LIFE-HEALTH-FREEDOMS, of special Needy-Ill-Adaptings Populations. Cont’d. ……….


  2. ……. Cont’d. Decaying effects to Structures ATOMIC mat’ls Infusings, YEASTS baterials Logics, and BIO-ECOLOGICAL Environmental, with the exceptional High Levels and Intensities of BioChem indifferences and Magnetics-Statics-Fields depositings to the Condensed ambiances Climates-Atmosphere, with of ICE composes De-Align Meltings, SOILS Bio-Minerals decomposites, POLLUTIONS-CONCENTRATIONS, damagings Properties speiclities the Drugs interacting effects, Electric Over Hazardous and Fumes Flammables, and Metallurgy Fatique(« High Power RF Weapons A Threat to Stealth and Cruise »/ » The Effects of Microwave to the Wildlife and Trees »/ »Climate Changes 2013″). GLOBE regions POPULATION essential have in the Damagings BIO-NEURO-PHYSIO noxious Atmosphreics ambiances-Environmental effectings of FREE MIND & MIND EFFECTED, and Brain-Activities Dysfunctions daily LIFE & BUSINESS, substantiate unfathomable Malaise; Concentration impairings; Physical Abnormalities as muscle tense and Involuntary Movements and so on, fatique; Sleep Deprivations; Stresses; Tenses; depressions; Anxieties; Apraxia; FEARS and Impulsions and Unrest sensations; emotions disorders and volatile; MEMORIES distortings & lost; slow-chaotics & fractured Disturbings THOUGHTS; Distress; consciousnesses impairings; and of MENTAL HEALTH MORBIDITY, and in the deteriorated damagings of Jobs, and Works Cognitive and inspirations, Efficiencies and Effectivenesses, daily LIVINGS-WORKS-ENERGO and LIFE-LIBERTIES-FAITHS Synergistics, and of the essential Lesionings PRODUCTIVITIES-COMPETENCES of individuals and Populations-Labours’, in of the persistances HARASSINGS Worlds PEOPLES Crucial PEACES DIGNITIES of its generics and subtlties, and of NEXT GENERATIONS, (UHF microwave Harassment »/ »Biological Effects of Microwave on the Nervous System »/ »Microwave Weapons of Brain Stem Effects »/ »Globe Environmental Sciences »). BE in the Light of consistents High Increases of, EyeCatching ACCIDENTS, Wildlife anomalies and Poultries and Trees Health suffers/deaths, CANCEROUS DISEASES with young ages onset and YoungChild cancer incidence, HEART-VASCULAR-BLOOD Diseases, high fats & sugars and Pressures, Perintal Mood Disorders, Chronic -Diseases with young Ages as Immune System and Inter-Physio malpractisings, YOUNGS pupils Thuggish Brutalities and ADHD prodromes, Asperger and Autism and Social Un-Corporate ATTITUDES, Domestics-Abuses VIOLENCES, and so on, of the WORLDS Trend in HEALTH Highest Retrospectives, and the HUMANES of Worlds Developments. (« HK Urgent Appeal and Petition to UN/WHO, 2010 & 2011″/ »High Frequencies Electro-Magnetic-Fields of Human Health »). MULTI-Damagings of SOCIAL HARMONIOUS and FREEDOMS, Affluences and International Society PEACES & ECONOMIES and JUSTICES and ENVIRONMENTS. (« Social Sciences »/ »Globalizations Developments Analysis »/ »International Relations »). The ON-GOINGS abyss TOXICITY contexts Effectings Vast Populations At Larges and with of the Exposures to Cross Oceans-Continents Environmental Deposits, with the defaulted NEXT GENERATIONS inheritances interlaces inculpated. (« High Power Electromagnetic-Pulses Weapons—Biochemical Effects’, World Forensics Sciences »/ »Environmental and Public Health Saeties Risks Assessments Managements »/ »Environmental Sciences »). WHERE deserve the High ATTENTIONS of International Community, NGOs, professionals and law societies, Int’l Voluteerings Organ. & Medias, and of the adequate measures of its imminents, with care considerations of Peoples/Citizens the essential RIGHT to LIFE HEALTH SAFETIES, and INVESTMENTS, and of the Social Interests to Neturals Interests, of Advocacy the Bannings of the Abalted Sciences Weaponries with the interplay wit Human Race, would be the causes of International Society Rights and of the Worlds Health Developments Growths. (« the Decleration of universal Human Rights », UN. 1943″/’Bankok Declaration, 2005″/ »Environmental Health Safeties » en HeatlhCouncils, 1999/Milne 1998″). WISH ALL population worldwide in HEALTH and PEACES always, and Thanks for the chances of lettings the Terrorized NeuroTechnologies Abusings Peoples Facts and of Society be Delivered to Worlds as for knowledges and Precautionaries. Thanks much again.


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