Can A Satellite Read Your Thoughts? – The Complete Technical Story So Far

som blomblad i vinden

In the last article, I stated that we would update all the technical articles behind this series.  True to our word, today we have a massive article that will update the entire technical description provided over the last several years.  In most cases, there will be minor clarifications and examples, but we will also introduce technologies that have never been described before in relation to this program.

World meet ECHELON …


Location, Location, Location

To begin with we must first introduce everyone to a program known as ECHELON.  ECHELON is the code name for an SIGINT platform operated by US/UK/Canada/Australia/New Zealand.  The origins of the AUSCANNZUKUS organization arose from dialogue between Admiral Arleigh Burke, USN, and Admiral Lord Louis Mountbatten, RN, in 1960. Their intention was to align naval communications policies and prevent, or at least limit, any barriers to interoperability, with the imminent introduction of sophisticated new communications equipment…

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