Greenwald’s Latest Release of Snowden Data – Aug 1, 2013

Starship Earth: The Big Picture

... online spy laws today, backing plans for internet service providers toI’ve been waiting for this… thanks, Richard.

I knew there would be confirmation of even more widespread spying than they first let on.

Glenn Greenwald published the next chapter in The Guardian.  Quite the presentation.

It appears anyone who wants to pay for a program/application like this can spy on anyONE, anyWHERE, anyTIME, for any REASON—no justification required.

Here is the presentation –

If you look at the codes at the bottom of each slide, this presentation is not for just the USA, but for all English-speaking “allies” (Canada, Great Britain, New Zealand & Australia), and given the spread of servers, I suspect that the NATO countries at the very least have access to it.

So, this is not just about the NSA. It would appear to be in wide global use, tracking whoever they choose for whatever reason they choose.

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