Human/Animal Hybrids A Sickening Reality…

Hidden Agendas

 Human Animal Hybrid?

David Ellis comments:

The following article, written by Michael T. Snyder  July 13th 2013, brings into focus the alarming trend of genetic experiments, in many cases uncensored. These genetic experiments are taking place worldwide and people need to be made aware of them, not only from the viewpoint of ethical responsibility, but also from the perspective of ethical morality.  Science, in the right hands, is a good thing, in the wrong hands however — read on:

Did you know that scientists all over the globe are creating extremely bizarre human-animal chimeras?  Over the past decade, there have been some absolutely stunning advances in the field of genetic modification.  Today, it is literally possible for college students to create new lifeforms in their basements.  Unfortunately, laws have not kept pace with these advancements, and in many countries there are very few limits on what scientists are allowed to do. …

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