What If I Told You That « Jews » Helped Murder Jews in Nazi Germany?

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The notes below are based on the work of Barry Chamish who has his own blog at www.BarryChamish.com . He introduced me to an independent film entitled « Clear And Present Evil. » That DVD shows the history of the Jesuits’ political infiltration into world politics, including the assassination of most of the Presidents of the United States, if not all of them, and the role being played today by the Vatican in all areas of life. That history is directly linked to my « Water Into Wine » series here in this blog. I began that series as a way of picking a starting point in history at the death of Christ to show how a series of events has been moving forward by an uninterrupted cabal of power-hungry men to bring the population of Earth to the point of its own self-destruction today.

As it is working out, my research has taken…

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