In rebuke to Trump, Yad Vashem issues clarification on Holocaust

The Ugly Truth


Museum says ‘Holocaust was the unprecedented genocide of 6 million Jews,’ after statement from US president omitted reference to Jews’

ed note–As much as careful watchers of all things dealing with Judea, Inc will assume with a certain amount of accuracy that the constant ringing of the Hollerco$t bell is done to make Gentiles feel guilty and thus give organized Jewish interests the blank check they demand in inflicting all sorts of murder and mayhem throughout the world, what people fail to consider is that it is primarily directed more at the psychological conditioning of Jews themselves than it is of of their non-chosenoid counterparts.

The effect that the entire Hollerco$t trauma-based-mind-control operation, while indeed designed to beat down and weaken Gentiledom–is by design meant to empower Judea, Inc. It is the proverbial sword of Damocles held over the heads of each and every Judaic, the only escape from which is aggressive…

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