Monsanto’s Jewish Supremacist History

James Wilar Upton

by James Wilar Upton


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Monsanto is a multinational corporation whose very name induces a range of negative reactions – from disgust, to concern, to outrage over its latest injustices. While people are highly aware of its most prominent scandals, few are aware of the considerable Jewish involvement in Monsanto, from its very inception. Let us start from the beginning…

Jewish author Walter Ehrlich, in his book Zion in the Valley: The Twentieth Century [1997], writes on page 3:

“The Monsanto family was a longtime Sephardic Spanish family that fled the Inquisition to Holland. Isaac Rodriguez Monsanto eventually emigrated to America, later bringing over his brothers and sisters. The family became prosperous merchants, shippers, fur buyers, and bankers in New Orleans, despite the Code Noire. Furthermore, they practiced their Judaism openly, but some in succeeding generations abandoned their ancestral faith. In 1896 Olga Mendez Monsanto married John Francis…

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