Weapons of Mass Deception Vaccinations & what they are doing to our young Part 2

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Vaccines Kill – Maim – Mentally Alter – Sterilise – Give Diseases – Dumb Down

And Are Extremely Toxic To Our Young

anthraxVaccineIn Part 1 we covered some critical concerns that the World Health Organisation (WHO) and Vaccination Experts had discussed during one of their regular secret meetings and clearly the fact was raised that two of their current adjuvants (mercury based and Aliminum based) would eventually be banned from usage owing to there known toxicity values……..that was back in 2000 and yet they are still using the mercury based adjuvant in many third world countries (where they believe it doesn’t matter) and also still being used in western countries in certain vaccines.

Aliminum based adjuvants were basically  banned in the UK some time ago:

In 1957 the British Ministry of Health recommendation was to use Aluminum free vaccines. However, the US found a way around this by playing around…

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