Iran Protests Seem Staged. Here’s Why.

World Affairs

There are protests all over Iran now and social media is full of pictures and videos that show people rising up against the government. The main purported reason is bad economy. Some are even calling for the end of Islamic Republic. Is this an authentic, spontaneous event or is it a drama created by covert puppeteers?

Undoubtedly, there’s a young and westernized Iranian Middle Class that wants to get rid of the Sharia Law. After all, Iran was quite secular before 1979.

However, the narrative about the economy makes no sense. Iran’s economy has been booming for the last two years since the US/EU sanctions were removed. If there was an ideal time for an economic uprising, it would have been between 2012 and 2015. Below is a picture of real GDP growth in the last seven years:

Iran Real GDP Growth
Don’t forget that Iran has the

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