Wide Awake Gentile

In 1095 Pope Urban called on all Christians to enter upon the road to the holy sepulcher and rid it of the wicked race Deus Vult (God wills it) became a rallying cry

By 1097 a hundred and fifty thousand strong group of Christians lead by a small minority Norman and Frankish knights and otherwise made up of untrained rabble was in Constantinople and the Crusades had begun

Prominent French, Scottish and English knights, as well as several of their princes
and kings, fought in the Crusades and established fiefdoms throughout the lands we
think of as the Levant, or Middle East, stretching from Sicily, Tripoli and Malta to Cypress,Rhodes, Antioch, Tyre and Macedonia.

Called Outremer (“Beyond the Sea”), the Norman-French-Scottish domain was ruled by free-standing noblemen and controlledmilitarilyby distinctive “Christian” fightingforcesthatincluded the Knights of the Temple of Solomon, or Templars, and…

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