God or Mammon?

American Intelligence Media

God or mammon? You can’t serve both

We have often been asked to elucidate our many references to “Warlord Bankers” and the stream of banking families that have come to “own the world” as the principal stockholders in the central banks throughout most nations. References to the City of London (aka CityofLondon), the Vatican Bank, and the Rothshilds immediately solicit a reach for a tin-foil hat and an evening of conspiracy theory speculation in many people’s minds. But the Anonymous Patriots do not make unsubstantiated remarks without having the evidence to back them up. We have often said that the path of the Warlord Bankers is complex and has been hidden by obfuscation, deceit, and subterfuge to obscure the truth and protect a small group of families whose wealth is fleeced from every nation on earth and hidden in off-shore tax havens that hold the wealth of the world.

bankers main streetWe…

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