Why Americans Support Perpetual wars

World Affairs

“With great power, comes great responsibility” – a quote from the movie, Spiderman. However, the superpower known as America can’t stop waging incessant, futile wars. With the tectonic changes in geopolitics, the callous American attitude can result in devastating global wars. Although one can justifiably blame the elites for this debacle, equally culpable are the American people who loudly cheer or silently bless the perpetual wars. Selling a war in the U.S. is like giving out candies on Halloween.

At the very fundamental level, most Americans don’t even realize that they live in an Empire. 250,000 US troops in 100+ countries around the world and a $700 billion budget? Not worth pondering. The credit for this astonishing ignorance goes to the tightly controlled corporate media and the educational system. Once the topic of Empire is completely eliminated from the vernacular, half of the logic disappears in the discussions about…

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